New Year Resolutions January 08 2017

Many of us have begun to reflect upon this past year’s more shocking events and set resolutions for this upcoming year.  Recently taking some time to reflect on a more intimate level, I have realized that I am guilty of breaking a few lingerie no no's. Therefore, this upcoming year I plan to better my personal lingerie situation one task at a time. Here are some top lingerie resolutions:

  1. De-clutter lingerie drawers: Discard the old, ratty bras and undies that are reserved for desperate times.
  2. Wear attractive sleepwear: Feel sexy and empowered regardless of who sees it, make a conscience effort to feel bolder and more confident.  Try a new sleepshirt!
  3. Take better care: Ensure delicate lingerie is being laundered effectively, use lukewarm water and gently swish and pump to really remove the excess dirt and grime, taking special care to “massage” the areas most prone to nasty buildup.
  4. Love my body:  Size doesn't matter.  We are all beautiful.